Saturday, December 14, 2013

Who Loves Candy?

Everyone loves candy especially Missionaries!!!
And those who love missionaries want to keep them happy, so what do they do?
That's right! They send their missionary lots of candy and other sweets. Now we don't have anything against sending your hard working son or daughter candy, but please remember this before you do:
*It is very hot and humid here. By the time the box reaches us, the chocolate is melted, the Starburst's are flat, and the Tootsie Rolls are covered with ants. 
WHAT? ANTS? You betcha! 

*If you decide to send candy and treats PLEASE put them in Ziploc bags or vacuum seal the candy. It is true that we have big bugs here in the Philippines - but it's the little ones that are getting into your 'sweet filled' boxes, and paper twisted candy. 
The ants are tiny here. Very tiny! And they are smart and quick. They are causing what those in the Mission Office like to phrase,
"Opposition In All (mailed) Things."
Elder and Sister Davis have been putting packages in the refrigerator at the office to kill the ants that are camping out in the shipped boxes from home.
We love you all! We are so happy that you send your missionary boxes and letters - we can not express the joy it brings to them when they receive one, BUT, please remember to seal up the sweets.


  1. I remember finding ants invading my fudge which was in a tin with a tight lid. I was filled with revenge and killed the little monsters by putting the tin in the freezer. I don't remember for sure but I probably scraped off the dead bodies off the fudge and ate what was left.

  2. Is that the box I sent you for your birthday?? Ha ha melted chocolate and all?

  3. Thanks so much for your updates and pictures. We sent our son, Elder Atkinson, a box in October. He said he still hasn't gotten it. We wrote davis in the bottom left corner ... but then sent you an email requesting that you give it to him right away. Could you please let us know if you have it or not? You never responded to our email. So, we wonder if you even got it. We'd like him to have his box asap. Thanks!!