Monday, December 9, 2013

New Missionary Follow-Up

Our newest group of missionaries hit their 4 week mark and met with President Tye for follow-up training.
President is reading and answering questions that the new missionaries have anonymously handed in.
 Elder Tago and Elder Shimbashi work on their three-word sign. It is a theme or motto of the direction they are headed as a companionship.
Just Do It
Sister Passey and Sister Finau 
 We Are One 
Elder Acosta, Elder McLaughlin, and Elder Rindlisbacher
 Seek The Best
Sister Dulay and Sister Chamberlain
 Why We're Here
Sister Lasalosi and Sister Murphey
Put God First
Elder Haufano and Elder Baldelomar
Joy In Serving
Sister Peters and Sister Unga
We love meeting with our new missionaries and discussing their worries, concerns, and joys in serving. Most of their worries deal with learning the language and "am I doing enough?" Think how happy it makes Heavenly Father to know that they are constantly striving to
"Try a little harder to be a little better." (President Hinckley, April '95)

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