Thursday, December 5, 2013

December MLC

After two months of meeting at the mission office, MLC was once again at the Mission Home. It was so nice to have all 18 of the Missionary Leadership Council here and to have their voices fill our empty halls. There is a segment of the meeting where those who wish can share a spiritual moment from the month. I wish all of you could hear the stories of faith and tender mercies these missionary leaders share. All our missionaries are heroes to us.
The Whole Group
Three of the missionaries in this group will be heading home in a few weeks. We love them so much, it will be hard to see them go.
Elder Oakden is teaching.
 Elder Fernando and Elder Grant
 Elders Iraola, Burgos, Mole, and Lazan
 Elders Cornelius, Anderson, Tadina, and Parohinog
 Sisters Vaki, Daquila, Villanueva, and Fernando
Elder Woolf and Elder Oakden
We love to have fun!

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  1. Thank you as always for this wonderful blog! I check it every day and read every word. You are so kind and loving to these missionaries and we are so grateful. We love our son, Elder Sanchez and are so happy he is there!
    Melinda Sanchez