Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Christmas Gift

We put together a DVD of pictures from all the missionaries as an overview of 2013. It was put to music and was shown at the Mission Christmas Devotional. As soon as possible I will post the DVD so all can enjoy it, but to our surprise, we received an 11x14 picture made up of each of the individual pictures used in the DVD. The picture posted below shows President and I in the midst of all our missionaries. 
When it was presented to President Tye and I at the end of the Devotional, we were told that it represented our missionaries becoming a part of us. I love this idea and knowing that we will have an eternal relationship with these wonderful Elders and Sisters. How wonderful this thought is to me! I will always remember our first six months in the Philippines and the strength I received from them. They truly are a part of us!  This three year experience and their righteous examples will be in our hearts forever.


  1. Very special! I love it. What am amazing gift!

  2. What a wonderful idea. Your missionaries love you and so do their parents!

    Melinda Sanchez