Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Welcome Sign

We are back at the Welcome Sign with 22 new missionaries.
 Sorry! Every picture we took had 2 elders partially hidden.
We are starting to do jumping pictures of the new missionaries - kind of a "yippee! I'm here" picture - but getting this many people to jump at the same time is difficult. This time it became a ripple.
Look at the air some of these sisters and elders got. Perfect!

Here is the line up of new elders and sisters.
Welcome! Welcome! to Cavite,
Now we rest from every care.
(Ha-Ha, I'm just playing with ya.)
Elder Chidester 
 Elder Park
Elder Baniago 
Elder Fiame 
 Sister Mitsvotai
Sister Calder
 Sister Rodgers
 Elder Go
Sister 'Eteaki 
 Elder Dela Cruz
 Sister Fa'alogo
Sister Seleue
 Sister Aukitino
 Sister Vaitaki
 Elder Erickson
 Elder Ballantyne
 Elder Dennison
Elder Jackson
 Elder Leaupepetele
 Elder Roberts
 Elder Bell
 Elder Lily
Sister Heisel
Sister Heisel arrived on December 30th, two weeks after her batch from Provo. She was ill when the others came and spent the extra ten days recuperating at the MTC in Utah. It is great to have her here and officially start her mission in Cavite. 
A big smile from Elder Erickson 

 Elder Espinoza is one of the trainers.
President and Sister Tye are jumping for joy - the picture taking is over!

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