Friday, August 30, 2013

The Sisters

During the heavy rain storms that the Cavite area had a few weeks ago, we had eight of the sister missionaries stay in the mission home because of flooding and loss of electricity. What a blessing that was for us! Having five daughters of our own, these eight sisters brought back many memories of having a home full of Fabulous Females. 
One night while the sisters were washing the dishes from dinner, I secretly recorded them singing, "I Love To See The Temple." I want you to see how happy and cute they are even in the middle of a typhoon and how blessed I was to have them stay in the mission home for a few days. While here, they spent the time in personal and companionship study, reading scriptures, and  SINGING! Once the rains calmed down, they were sent out to their areas to work. You should have seen them jump for joy when we told them they could go and work again. Their love of the gospel and the knowledge of their purpose as a missionary was evident.


  1. Hi Dana, I am enjoying following your blog and especially love this post. I miss our visits but am so happy that you're having such great experiences. Love and miss you!

  2. Dana, Diana Fillmore here. Pam Cotter sent me the link for the blog and I have enjoyed reading it!

    I was thinking of you and Doug the other day. I was reading from Jim's Grandmother's journal that she kept when she and Grandpa went on a round the world trip back in 1950.

    One of their stops was in Cavite!

    You sound very happy and we are GLAD!


  3. Dear Dana, I was thinking of you this morning here in good old Texas and when I went to look up your address I found this great blog. The sisters' singing made my day. You look so happy!!! Miss you tons. Love, Donna Allen