Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mission Home

I have pictures and new posts coming, but it's been so busy around here lately that I have not been able to find the extra time to bring all of our experiences to life. Keep checking back - they are coming!
There are many of you who would love to see the Cavite Mission Home. When President Tye and I first saw a picture of the home in February of this year, it was painted sea foam green and bright blue. From then on we called it our "Smurf House."

 But on the day we drove up to the Mission Home, we saw all the work that had been done in anticipation of our arrival. The FM group had painted, retiled, and cleaned up the yard. It was not a "Smurf House' anymore. It is now the 'White House' and it is beautiful!


  1. Sister Tye, my son Elder Alex Espinoza will be leaving Monday to the Philippines Cavite mission from the MTC. He is so excited to get there. Please post some pictures if you can of him. My wife and I are so grateful to have such great people like you guys that will be looking out for him for the next 2 years. Keep us posted on the progress.

    Mike Espinoza

  2. Sister Tye, Thank you for this wonderful blog. I have been following it since my son, Elder Caden Cole, received this call to Cavite. He will be leaving the MTC today, Monday, and will be on his way to you. He is so nervous and way excited to get to the Philippines. There are 8 Elders and 4 Sisters traveling altogether, so that makes a mom not so nervous for him.
    I hope that we will hear word from the mission home when they have arrived safely. Also a picture of them posted on your blog would be so great.
    Thanks to your and President Tye for being so great. I know that my son, Elder Cole, will be in great hands.

    Take care, Patti Cole, Idaho Falls, ID

  3. my son arrived around ten days ago, I guess with the first group from the provo mtc. we received news that he was there and have seen his picture on the blog. But we have yet to hear from our son via email or letters. what is there mode of communication. I am a little nervous not having heard from him yet and his where abouts. please respond. an anxious mom sept 21, 2013