Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bug Of The Month

My bug of the month is honestly a big waste of blog space. I have over 100 mothers waiting to see a picture of their son or daughter and I post this mini arachnid.
Actually, some elders killed a spider that was hanging out in their shower - he was 6" long. Oh my!

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  1. Hi Pres. & Sister Tye:

    Bishop Garrett checking in with you. Great to see a little of what is happening in your mission. Thankful that you are willing to serve in this capacity. The 15th ward is still in tact, as far as I can tell. We're having a Labor Day dinner on Apple Vale Monday, to make up for our "rained out" 4th of July breakfast. We miss you, but know your're involved in a great work. Our prayers and love are with you. You can e mail me at if you need anything the ward might be able to assist with. Much love from the ward and our family. Bishop Garrett