Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Apartment Visits

One of our favorite things so far is visiting the apartments of our missionaries. When we go, the senior couple assigned to that area goes with us and we check for cleanliness and evaluate any repairs needed. We explain to them that each apartment and everything in it was purchased through tithing and other member donations, and that even the smallest item represents sacrifice and obedience from faithful members of the church. Thus their apartment is sacred and should be cared for in that respect. Just for fun I have posted some pictures of the inside of the missionaries apartments. I especially enjoy reading the inspirational thoughts written on white boards!
 I love this front door!
 This refrigerator is awesome. Looks like it was a "set up" - nope, just a sister apartment.
The Zone Leaders are very organized. 


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  1. I love missionary apartments! Brings back memories of my own mission in Italy oh so long ago! Thanks so much Dana,

    Melinda Sanchez