Monday, August 19, 2013

Tropical Storm 'Maring'

All missionaries in the Cavite area are safe and dry tonight. The storm has been a big one and we have seen a lot of rain! Our prayers go out to all the Filipino people who are without homes or electricity.

Tuesday August 20
Again tonight - Tuesday August 20 - all missionaries are safe and in their apartments. We know it is hard when parents hear news reports and have no idea what is really happening. We just want you to know that everyone is doing fine. There are six zones in our mission and 2 of the zones have flooded areas from rain water. But all of our missionaries are safe, have clean water, and electricity. We truly are watched over and protected while doing the Lord's work! All weather reports are telling us the storm will leave by tomorrow afternoon and all missionaries will be staying in their apartments until it is over.


  1. Thank you so much Sister Tye for taking the time to reassure us all. Your blog is priceless for all of the updates and pictures etc. It is so hard to make sense of news reports and maps about Tropical Storm Maring and where the worst of the damage has occurred or may occur. All of you are in our prayers!

  2. I agree, thanks for the updates. My son(Elder Espinoza) appears to be having fun. Thank you President and Sister Tye.
    Br. Espinoza

  3. President and Sister Tye, since we haven't heard from our son, Elder Rindlisbacher, since he arrived a couple of weeks ago, your blog is certainly a great source of comfort and reassurance for us to know that everyone is safe. Thank you so very much for the updates! You are a significant part of our prayers. Kim and Carol Rindlisbacher