Thursday, September 5, 2013


Our theme for the month of September is "Being an instrument of FAITH in the Lord's hands." We read as a group a talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland about the Godhead. We received this talk at the Mission President Seminar, and the talk was so good that we decided to share the whole thing with the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. Elder Holland emphasized that missionaries must teach investigators about the distinct characteristics of each member of the Godhead. If investigators do not understand who THEY are, and start developing faith in THEM, then the rest of the lessons that are taught will not go well. We also had some wonderful talks from the Assistants, Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and President Tye. I did an object lesson on faith. I selected one companionship, had them grab a handful of rice, and while holding onto the rice they had to put on a white shirt, do the buttons, and tie a tie without dropping any of the rice. The lesson being taught was that holding on to fear or discouragement will hinder your faith, slow you down, and your focus will wander. Lunch was sweet chili sauce meatballs over rice, fruit salad, mini sandwiches, and a variety of cookies with ice cream. It was a great meeting. I love being involved in missionary work!

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