Friday, September 20, 2013

All Apartments Visited

We finished the huge task of visiting all 48 apartments within our mission. Within the next six months we will be renting many new ones as missionaries keep arriving from both the Manila and Provo MTC's. President and I will take a two week break and then start visiting all over again.
As you will see, the homes are very colorful in the Philippines.
The following pictures are of one of the apartments that flooded during the Typhoon we had over a month ago. The elders who live there are a week away from moving into a new DRY apartment, but today we visited their old one. In order to reach their apartment, we had to walk around a lot of water that is still lingering from the previous storm. The water in this area was above the elders knees. In the last picture you will see the water line on the front door, but remember that they still had a couple of stairs off the patio that took them even deeper into the water level. These wonderful elders started carrying everything from the first floor up the stairs to the bedroom area when they saw the water coming under the front door - they even carried the refrigerator upstairs to keep it from being damaged.
The apartment is really quit nice. It's a brand new complex and is at the end of the road in the first picture. But the worry of having our elders in an area that could flood worried us, so having them move will be a blessing.
Of course a little mud and water is not going to stop me so I went back to see the elder's apartment.

Another blessing - while getting back into our car, something hit me in the forehead and slipped across the top of my head - this happened as I was moving between the car and a cinder block wall and I thought it was just a tree limb. After opening the car door I looked back and noticed that I had passed under, and was hit by an electrical cord that was hanging down from a power line. Talk about being blessed! I am so thankful that there was no active current running through that line!


  1. We have been reading your blog since it began. It's wonderful! Our son, Elder Lasley, is flying tomorrow from the MTC to serve in your mission! We are converts to the church (8 years)and Elder Lasley is the first missionary from our family. We are so proud that he is serving and so greatful for the Tye's for their loving service. We know he is in good hands! Thank you.

  2. That is a lot of water! What great guys to haul the fridge upstairs. Glad to hear you didn't get electrocuted.