Thursday, September 19, 2013

Changing Of The Guard

For the past three months, President Tye and I have been watched over, guided, instructed, and loved by two wonderful Assistants. When I look back to how nervous and clueless we were when we officially became President and Sister Tye, I can see that the opening of the new Cavite Mission was a smooth one because of their direction and leadership. They have made us look like we know what we are doing! 
But now comes the hard part - one of them is heading home. Although we are happy for him to be returning to his family, I think our hearts will break as we see him leave. We will forever be grateful for his help, patience, and friendship during this transition in our lives.
He is not going to be happy that I put this picture of him on our blog. This is the only time I have seen him without his white shirt and tie, but we were taking part in an activity on P-day.
Sorry Elder, but it is all I have of you alone. 
 We treated him to a good-bye and thank you dinner at P.F. Chang's.
 Our amazing Assistants. Number three is being trained.
President and I know Elder Fisher will be a great leader in the church and he will be a blessing to those he comes in contact with throughout his life. We will miss him!

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  1. We are so grateful for your updates and pictures! Also for your great examples and your loving influence! Tell elder Oakden to keep working hard and we will keep praying hard!