Friday, September 6, 2013

More Apartments Checks

Once again President and I spent a Friday visiting apartments. If an apartment is clean, they receive the Celestial Crown - but today we had some that deserved a frown more than the usual crown. Once again we reminded our missionaries that everything they have and use should be considered sacred and treated as such. Here are a few pictures of the Celestial visits.
 All apartments have fans and since that is the only relief from the heat, the missionaries lay right under them when they sleep.
 Very few homes have sinks in the Philippines and so all clothes are washed by hand in buckets or plastic wash basins and hung to dry.
 Some neat elders and their organized shoes.
 The Celestial Award for a clean apartment.
I joked in our last mission newsletter that some missionaries must think that a toilet brush is just used as a microphone in the shower because I was finding toilets that had not been cleaned - one elder took me up on it.

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