Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To Naic And Back

President Tye had a meeting in Naic on Sunday afternoon so I loaded up some reading material and off we went. Naic is about 32 miles from the mission home but takes about an hour and a half to get there. It is a little town, or province, away from the big city. I loved the farmland and driving around the cows and goats on the road.
 This little lady had just walked off the road and I seriously think she posed for the camera.
This is the scenery from our car. Very pretty and green.

On the way, we spotted another LDS church. Knowing that we were an hour ahead of schedule, we decided to stop and see if any of our missionaries were there. The meeting block at this chapel only had 10 minutes left when we walked in the door. Our decision to stop was completely an inspired one.

As soon as the Branch President saw us he got this big smile on his face and asked President Tye if he could stay for a few minutes and visit with three of his members who were preparing for a mission. One had not turned in his papers yet, but the other two had already received their calls and were waiting for the chance to go to the temple. A Branch President can do the first Temple Recommend interview, but only a Mission President has this authority to do the final interview. This only happens with Districts and not Stakes. In the Cavite mission, we have 2 Districts.

Because we made a last minute decision to pull into that chapel, the future missionaries have their temple recommends signed and they are ready to enter the temple and receive their endowments. President Tye would have taken care of this at a future date, but because we stopped, the families can plan their temple trip sooner than they thought. After that little detour was completed, we continued on our way to Naic. The unscheduled stop took us about 45 minutes. Now we were right ON schedule for the 2:00 appointment at the Naic chapel. 

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