Thursday, July 4, 2013

Senior Couple Blessings

This is a picture of three of our wonderful Senior Couples. Yes, I said three - having 3 Senior Couples is something to brag about in the mission field, but we are blessed with FOUR! Aren't they a beautiful sight? Each of them have distinct responsibilities in the Cavite Mission. One couple serves in the office, another loves and assists the members of a District, and then another finds apartments for the missionaries. They each have many responsibilities besides the ones listed and I am touched by their selfless service. I know they get tired, I know they get hot. I know they miss U.S. grocery stores, grandchildren/great grandchildren, and dishwasher soap (Me too!); but from the minute they walked into the Mission Office today, I noticed something about them - they radiate LOVE. Their happiness and joy is contagious. The office couple will drop whatever they are doing to help me when I come in. When I couldn't find cookie sheets at the store, one of the sisters gave me hers. Another couple gave me some powdered sugar - and that was a huge blessing because finding powdered sugar in the Philippines is difficult. I am anxious to meet the last couple in this great foursome! I know they will also be an inspiration to me and President Tye . We could not make it without them. They left family and friends, plus the comfort of a warm shower and air conditioning to serve in the Philippines.
In the Cavite area are BLESSED X 4.


  1. thanks for giving my mom a hug. I know they are in good hands!

  2. Hello Sister Tye,
    A friend suggested that I share with you a site where you can buy powdered sugar and other things you need for baking such as cupcake paper liners, etc...Love2BakeCo....I haven't used this company, but some friends have.
    I don't know if you can get to their FB page so here's their address/phone number: 807-9178
    Address: 6 Palanca St. Fruition Bldg.
    BF Homes, Paranaque
    E-mail address:
    I understand they do business online and deliver orders at your door.
    More power to you and God bless you both.
    Love, sister Johnson