Saturday, July 27, 2013

Driving In The City

I have tried to get a picture of what the roads and traffic look like here in the Cavite area, but none of my pictures really give you a good idea of what it is really like. All I can relate it to is the huge gathering of cars, people, bikes, and motorcycles that follow right behind the end of a 4th of July Parade. It looks like mass confusion - but that is not true here. Going from point A to point B on a Filipino highway is actually very well orchestrated by the local people. To our amazement, we see very few car accidents, or projectile pedestrians. Even little children run in the streets and do not get hit. The drivers are very cautious and alert. If the United States had intersections and pileups like this, road rage would be rampant. But not here. They will nose in and push you out of the way with their Jeepney's and Tryke's, but everyone is good with it. The Filipinos are patient drivers and it really amazes me.
Notice the traffic lights that have been installed but are never used. And look at all the telephone and electrical wires.
This cute little lady would shake her umbrella right at the driver of an approaching car to let them know that in her opinion, she had the right-of-way. We were the recipients of one of her 'shakes.' I love her grey hair in a bun - she is so cute!
The only thing that really bothers me here is how people put their children and little babies on bikes and motorcycles, then weave through the traffic. Sometimes I have to look the other way and tell myself it's just a way of life and survival for them.
By the way, President Tye is a pro driver in the Philippines.

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