Monday, July 8, 2013

San Gabriel District Conference

We had a great weekend with the members of the San Gabriel District at their District Conference. Priesthood and Adult Sessions were on Saturday, and the Youth and General Sessions on Sunday.
I believe my favorite part of the visit was not the 4 talks my husband gave, (sorry sweetheart), but it was the Youth and Young Single Adult choir - it was fantastic. There are no words to express how heavenly their singing was. I believe that angels were also singing with them, and you would have a very hard time convincing me otherwise. The Spirit was so strong as they sang.
After the meetings, President took care of temple recommends and I visited with some of the wives. As few of the young women kept peeking into the room we were sitting in. Finally one of them got the courage to ask if they could come in and ask me some questions. They were still a little shy, I think they wanted to know how old I am and other great facts. One of them even wanted to touch my hair. It never dawned on me that some have never seen hair a different color than their own. I loved being with these young women! I hope they will never feel afraid to asking me questions - I don't even care if they touch my hair!

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