Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Heat And The Holy Ghost

 On Saturday we attended the Priesthood and Adult sessions of the San Gabriel District Conference. During Priesthood meeting, I could not go into the "air conditioned" chapel, so I sat on some stairs just outside the chapel to wait. After a little bit I became too hot so I went downstairs and found an open room with a little table that I could sit at and read my scriptures. I was so content with my little private space that I took this picture of it. I thought I was so clever and resourceful.
Pause for a brief story -
Have you ever heard the story of the frog who was put into a pot of cool water but unknown to him, the pot was slowly heating up. So slow was the temperature changing that eventually that little frog became cooked without even realizing it. Voila! Instant frog legs for dinner. Well, this frog and I have a lot in common.
At first I took off the little short sleeve sweater I was wearing. (we wear sweaters because sometimes the chapels get a little cool.) Then off came my shoes as the cool tile felt good on my feet. But I was slowly getting warmer and warmer, and I had no water with me. I knew I was hot, but I didn't realize just how hot I was getting. I thought how nice it would be to lay on the floor and just feel the cool tile all over my body. But I didn't want anyone to see me on the floor and think something was wrong. Feeling completely exhausted, I laid my head on the table and thought of the heat. I wondered how the birds could sing and be so happy outside in the humidity and I thought about my cool husband upstairs in the chapel. I breathed deeper to get some more air,  and then, I passed out.
The next thing I remember was my husband calling my name to wake me up. He said he called me a few times, but when I finally heard him I jumped. He had to help me stand up. He led me out of the church to our car. His plan was to let me sit in the front seat and have the air conditioning cool me off. He took me to the passenger side of the car, left me there, and by the time he got to the drivers side I was gone. Fearful that I had passed out, he ran to the other side of the car again, but I had sat down on the ground. Yep, I was out of it. He got me in the car, turned on the air conditioning and asked the Assistants to sit with me until the Priesthood meeting was over. You see, he left in the middle of the meeting because as he was sitting on the stand, he had the distinct impression to come and find me. Isn't it amazing how the Holy Ghost warns us? I am so thankful that my husband was listening. I could have been frog legs!


  1. I am so thankful that you did not become frog legs! I know the Lord was watching out for you and I know that as our son's new Mission President we pray for your husband and for you as his dear wife every day. You deserve to have the angels watching over you for all of your unselfish service. Thank you so much for all that you do!

    Sister Melinda Sanchez
    Mother of Elder Nico Sanchez

  2. Thank you Sister Sanchez! I will take all the prayers you have to offer! We are doing interviews in each of the areas. As soon as we visit Naic, I will post a picture of your son.

  3. That is scary. I'm glad Dad was inspired to come find you.