Monday, July 1, 2013

The First Day

Today is July 1st and is our official first day "on the job." We got up early and out of the house by 7:30. Our destination today was the Drivers License Office. President Tye will be the "designated driver" while here in the Philippines, and I will need a license for identification purposes. It took us 5 hours from start to finish. Most of that time was spent standing in lines. We started out in a building that had no air conditioning. In that building we had photo copies taken of our passports and had a medical exam done. (checked eyes and weight) The rest of the process was handled outside. Even though the heat and humidity outside was bad - it was better than being inside.

And here is the proof that I was there all day:
While standing in the heat, the Assistants bought us some water and cookies. They really are the best at keeping us happy. And they even took me grocery shopping. Now that's valiant service!
Here are the Assistants helping President with his laptop.

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