Thursday, July 11, 2013

July Interviews

Today we met and interviewed the missionaries in the Las Pinas Zone. My pictures only represent half of those serving in this area.

 I continue to be impressed with the faith and obedience of each of our missionaries. As of July 1st, these missionaries left behind the Manila Mission and became the Pioneers of the new Cavite Mission. With that change they gave up their opportunity to attend the Manila Temple. This has been, and continues to be a very difficult change for our missionaries. If the temple had been off limits to them from the beginning, this would be easier. But to take something so peaceful, comforting, and dear away from them is a very large obstacle to place in their path.
Can you imagine how touched I feel as I listen to these 18-21 year old missionaries tell me how much they miss going to the temple? I am truly humbled by their goodness - what an honor it is to work with them and be in their presence!


  1. I Love Your Blog!!!!! Thank you for all the posts they really make my day! Thanks for giving us moms a little window into the Cavite Mission! You guys are amazing Mission Presidents already and with each post I get more and more excited for our son to get there!

  2. President and Sister Tye,
    I am Scott Woolf, the father of Elder Kevin Woolf. I also served in the Philippines Manila mission with President Tye in 1976-1977. If he doesn't remember me, (I served with Elder Summerhays in Bayambang and I think we did a trip to hundred islands together.) I was excited to see a posting of my son's picture on this blog for July 11.

    I have a favor to ask, Elder Woolf is to come home around the middle of August but we have not received an itinerary yet. Any chance you could have one sent to us? (my email is I would contact the office but don't have the email address.

  3. Mmm... Mom's cinnamon rolls. It looks like you are keeping the missionaries fed and happy with your yummy food. Last Sunday we had a sister in our ward share about her son on a mission and how much she worried about him... like if he was being fed. It's fun to see the other side of it. So many of these missionary moms would be so happy to know their kids have full tummies. :)