Friday, June 12, 2015

The Strippling Warriors

I made a visual for Zone Conference that went along with my talk on Covenants. It was made possible by a very happy Tarpaulin dealer who received a huge order of 20 - 3'x4' tarpaulins. After all 20 were printed, I started the process of sewing them together. Yes, it is possible to order the tarpaulin in longer sizes, but it would have been more expensive to do it that way. My wonderful sewing machine that I brought from America was a trooper! It stitched through the heavy vinyl like it was going through butter! By the time I reached the last two pieces to sew, it was incredibly heavy, so President had to hold the tarpaulin while I guided it through the machine. Easy Peasy!
 The vinyl "2000 warriors" filled one of the mission home bedrooms where I was sewing them together.
All finished and ready to attach to dowels.
 We had expert help from the Petersen's as we nailed the tarpaulin to the wooden dowels. Thank you Elder and Sister Petersen!
 Here is the finished product being used at the end of my talk. Everyone looks VERY unimpressed with my dramatic conclusion. This picture makes me laugh because they all look bored to death.
"Wake Up. Can you hear the drum roll? This is Sister Tye's big moment!"

Someday these 2000 Strippling Warriors are going to really impress a whole classroom of Primary children!

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