Monday, June 15, 2015

Departure Fireside

Beautiful testimonies were given tonight by the 16 leaving missionaries. They are truly returning home as more humble and spiritual adults. What an honor it has been for President and I to learn from them these past 18 months - 2 years. We will miss them!
Back row: Elder Kauer, Elder Rindlisbacher, Elder Espinoza, Elder Holdaway, Elder Baylon, Elder Cole, Elder Barney, Elder Seau, and Elder Tongi.
Front row: Sister Griffiths, Sister Teoti, Sister Hale, Sister Hingano, Sister Patolo, Sister Sefeti, and Sister Nkwocha.
Instructions before the fireside starts.

Pictures and Good-byes after the Fireside
 Sister Griffiths - it was her birthday.
 President Dela Torre (Dasma Stake President) and
Elder Rindlisbacher
 Elder Espinoza
 Sister Hale
 Sister Hingano and Sister Teoti
Elder Rindlisbacher and Elder Barney
 Elder Seau
 Sister Teoti
 Elder Tongi with the Rigby's
 Elder Holdaway
 Sister Sefeti
 Elder Cole
Sister Patolo 
 Sister Nkwocha
 Elder Kauer
 Elder Baylon

 Other Pictures
 Sister Dizon sadly says good-bye to Elder and Sister Rigby
 Elder Seely and Elder Mataele guarded the mini dinner I prepared for the Going Home Missionaries.
 One of our RM's came back to visit the Philippines. This is Sister Peters and her family. They joined us at the Departure Fireside. It was soooo good to see her again!
 A wonderful evening!

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