Sunday, June 21, 2015

Odds & Ends

I have some extra pictures that don't really belong anywhere - so I decided to make a post just for them. Here are some odds and ends for all to enjoy.
 This Elder's feet show how hard he is working!
 Beautiful clouds of the Philippines.
 President Tye as a missionary walking the streets of Urdaneta in the Philippines. The year is 1975, and he is the one on the far left.
 I love these trees. The color is so vibrant.
 This is interesting! It says "Church Service" in two places and was letting people off at the Manila Temple - but look at the scary heads on the front and the picture of Mary on the side.
 These signs dot the highway here. Others say "Follow Me" or "Obey Me" or "Talk To Me." It's nice serving in a Christian nation that will still let people advertise their belief in God.
 At the Welcome Sign - May batch.
 This little fellow fell off of our Mango tree. 2015 has been a bad year for our Mango tree, last year we had so many that I made freezer jam. This year we maxed out on 4 mangoes and one had worms in it. The others were all much larger than this Minion Mango. 
 Driving down one of the busiest streets in our mission we saw this license plate. It made us smile!
 This man is carrying his vegetables in the exhaust pipe of his motorcycle. Pre-cooked, flavored, and ready to eat by the time he gets home.
 I have no idea what to say about this one.
This is Brother Ramon. He asked President Tye to baptize him.
 A temple sealing for two of our missionaries. Sister Fernando and Elder Tadina. One of our "best days yet."
And another "best day yet!" Sister Montemayor was sealed to her sweetheart in May. Thank you for inviting us!
 President Tye and I are taking pictures of and collecting TYE license plates. Here is one sent to us by one of our elders.
 This daily planner belongs to one of the Assistants. He will be going home soon and I LOVE what he wrote on the front page. "Be Diligent!" He was one of our most diligent missionaries anyway - the whole two years he served here, we never had to worry about his diligence or devotion. We will miss him!
I took this at one of the interviews. Love our missionaries!


  1. Sister Tye,

    I love these pictures! This is such a fun post. Thank you!

  2. I love the pic of Dad from his mission. Thanks for sharing.