Thursday, June 4, 2015

June MLC

Is it already June?
Another month has quickly passed and we are back at MLC again. The monthly theme for June is "I can be an instrument in the Lord's hands as I HOLD TO THE ROD." As I introduced the theme, I used the following pictures that were made for President Tye when he served as a missionary here 40 years ago. These were painted with watercolor by a young man who is not a member. 
They really are beautifully done. It was 1975 when the artist did these, and it shows in the way the Filipino's are dressed in the last picture. I love it!

President Tye took a couple of hours to train the mission leaders on chapter 13 of Preach My Gospel. It was centered on a working relationship between ward members, ward leadership, and the missionaries. We also had some wonderful lessons taught by the Assistants (Elder Rindlisbacher and Elder Collins), the ZL's for Cavite (Elder Leaupepetele and Elder Roberts), and the Binan STL's (Sister Patolo and Sister Labarda). 

During mission interviews last week, I received a request for lasagna - seems like the American missionaries are missing Italian food and real cheese. I granted their wish. Last month it was taco salad, this month lasagna - I wonder what country we will honor in July? 
Enjoy the pictures of our June Mission Leadership Council.
 Elder Leaupepetele and Sister Patolo
Elder Collins, Elder Rindlisbacher, and Elder Anderson
 Elder Dennison, Elder Kalio (his birthday today), Sister Labarda
 Elder Leaupepetele and Elder Roberts teaching. 
Elder Dennison and Elder Roberts know how to make a banana split!
 Elders' Baniago, Kalio, McLaughlin

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