Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Going Home

Time for another round of going home activities with a wonderful group of going home elders and sisters. These elders were the FIRST BATCH to come to Cavite Mission. Wow! Time has really gone by fast. Everyone of these missionaries will hold a special place in our heart forever. We love them dearly!
Breakfast at Ihop 
 Endowment session at the Manila Temple
President Tye is not with us because he is sick.
Nine suit coats will be leaving my closet today. :(

After dinner the elders and sisters wrote on ties, left advice for the current missionaries, and wrote their testimony for President and me to keep.
 We watched "Meet The Mormons" while waiting for President to finish the interviews. I like to see the arms around "brothers."
Putting on a suit coat again after 2 years is a tender moment. You realize just how close you are to going home and are amazed that the time went so fast. And . . . you can't believe how much weight you have gained or lost in that same amount of time.
Elder Cole was in an interview when this picture was taken.
 The final good-bye picture.

Waiting for Later Flights
Elder Tongi, Elder Seau, Sister Sefeti, and Sister Teoti spent the day at the mission office until their time to head to the airport.
 A last picture with Elder Seau.

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  1. Look at all those ties hanging up. It makes me excited to come visit and see the mission.