Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mission Conference

We had a mission wide Conference on May 30 where Elder Craig Christensen and Elder and Sister Echo Hawk spoke to the missionaries. I sat on the stand and looked out at all of the happy Elders and smiling Sisters. I thought of all 87,000 missionaries throughout the world who also look the same as they "Match the Message" and press forward with hearts united in the Missionary Purpose. I believe their goodness and obedience is what keeps the rest of us in this world safe. The missionaries are an example of what we should all be - Unspotted from the World. 

Here is a whole post of pictures from the conference. I am adding all of them so you don't miss any of the fun from that day. They are all taken after the meeting was over. Included is the mission lining up for the group picture, having a small snack, and heading back to their areas to work.
Elder Craig Christensen-Presidency of the Seventy,
Elder Echo Hawk-Philippine Area Presidency
Sister Saavedra and Sister Rodgers

Sister Ballatan and Sister Wellayan

Half of Elder Chon, Elder Nicolas, Elder Sanchez, and Elder Nielson
Sister Carter, Sister Chamberlain, Sister Beus, Sister Hingano
Sister Nkwocha, Sister Hale, Sister Carter
Elder Grant, Elder Crocker
Elder Leaupepetele, Elder Collins
 Sister Tye, Sister Hale, Sister Nkwocha, Sister Unga
 Elder Lasley, Elder Matina
 Elder Jackson, Elder Coffey
Sister Lazada, Sister Van Tassell


  1. so neat to see my niece sister rodgers...all the way from Lehi, UT! I also know the chapmans from Murray, UT who know you very well also..Its a small world!

  2. Thanks for pictures of all those happy missionaries! It does a mother's heart good to see that.