Thursday, May 1, 2014


I didn't get as many pictures of MLC this month. Probably because our
house-help resigned just a few days before and I spent most of the time in the kitchen getting lunch ready and cleaning up after. But, I did get some pictures of the dessert that was set out at the end
of the meeting.

Scroll through the pics and I will add comments if needed.
 The miracle of the fishes and loaves - if we humble ourselves and give all that we have, the Savior will multiply it and we will receive much more than we started with. Theme for the month of May - Humility.
I wish the kitchen at the mission home was bigger! Just like home, this is where all the "kids" want to gather.
 I love how there is a whole group of elders and sisters squeezed in together having a great time in front of the camera, laughing and showing off their ice cream - and then there is Elder Anderson and Elder Coffey in the background completely oblivious to all the craziness.
I asked the whole MLC group to make a funny face and this was the best of the four shots I took. Some really got into character and had fun with it.
 Beautiful group! Have I told you yet how much I love all our missionaries?

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