Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Getting From Here To There

The streets in Metro Manila are very crowded and the people's choice of transportation are many. There are few rules yet everyone seems to be very careful and get through it all by inching themselves forward until they find a break in the traffic. Then they excitedly get their speed up to 30 mph for maybe a quarter of a mile, and then they slow way down to inch through traffic once more. I have seen many close calls while we have been here, but so far only one accident. It was between a Jeepney and a Toyota Camry. If you know what a Jeepney is then you can guess who came out ahead in this match-up.
This reminds me of a scene in the Disney movie "Cars" when Mater tips over the sleeping tractors out in the pasture. We call this "cow-tipping" in America.

Here are a few pictures of other modes of transportation within the Cavite Mission boundaries -
 Sorry folks, this is for One Way trips only -
although the next picture does kind of worry me

 Heading home from school

 Walking down the middle of the street

Bottle delivery or pick-up

 If it has our name on it - it must be a great way to travel!

Making a living

This really scares me because . . .
 You never know when something like this could happen.

I love this picture, and if you look real close you can see the man sitting to the left of the Baka (local cow). Cool!

This is a very unique and beautiful country and I am enjoying the culture of the Philippines.

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