Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Birthday President Tye

 We had a full week of birthday wishes and singing for President's first birthday in the mission field. He received phone calls, gifts, cakes, and even had the Primary children of the San Gabriel Ward sing "Happy, Happy, Birthday President Dear." As you can see, he was singing along with them.
His beautiful cake was made by Sister Romelyn Briones. She is an amazing baker and her husband serves as President's 2nd counselor. Since the ward was still in meetings, we went out to the parking lot and shared the cake with the elders assigned to the ward.
If you look closely the cake is up against his white shirt as he blows out the candle. It was a miracle that the blue frosting only touched his name tag. Easy clean up.
Elder Chidester, Elder Faatoia, President Tye, Elder Fisher, Elder Caliguiran pose with the cake - all of them are clean and spotless, but then we cut the cake.
 The blue frosting on the cake was staining everyone's lips and teeth. We were all laughing at our blue and white mouth's and fingers. I didn't plan ahead and we had no utensils or plates - just paper cups that I found in the back of our car. Great memories!
During missionary interviews, President received another cake from the Tanza District. We were so busy with the tight schedule that we didn't get to share it with the missionaries.
And . . . four of our children and their families from home ordered cupcakes for Dad, but the bakery messed up the order and he received 2 more cakes. At this point we were begging missionaries to help us eat all four of the cakes!
 While interviewing the missionaries in the Bacoor Zone, Elder Abon and Elder Chon gave President some awesome gifts. The yellow sign has special meaning. President is always telling the missionaries to "Alis ka na!" This means to leave now - get out of here, or literally "Leave You Now!" Missionaries like to linger longer when meetings are over or visit with each other on transfer day at the mission office. President wants them out working and not wasting the Lord's time, so he says,
"Alis Ka Na!"
These zone leaders decided to get him a sign to hold up instead. Cute!
And the baseball cap has PaPa Tye embroidered on it. This also has special meaning to the missionaries. We found out that they like to call us Papa Tye and Mama Tye because we are their mission parents, and also because the definitions in Tagalog are Papatay (murder) and Mamatay (die). The Filipino's love to laugh and it is fun for them to tease us. We LOVE our missionaries! They are the best in the world!

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