Saturday, March 22, 2014

Visiting Apartments

Visiting the apartments of missionaries is always fun and sometimes very . . . hard. Let me explain -

When we visit, the elders and sisters are called ahead of time and notified that President and I will be knocking on their door. Visits are always on a Friday and are done between 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. According to the Missionary Handbook, this is when all missionaries are in their apartments doing their weekly planning. They are to be dressed in missionary attire, have a clean apartment, and be involved in "planning" with their companion.

Today we visited 32 wonderful elders and sisters in their apartments. Most of them were anxiously waiting for us to come. Their apartments were clean, they were dressed appropriately, and they were planning the coming week with their companion. BUT, a few of them forgot that we were coming.
This is where it gets . . . hard.

President and I dearly love our missionaries, but walking into a dirty, unkept apartment and elders not dressed appropriately disappoints us. If these few were obediently following the rules as set up in the daily and weekly schedule, there would be no panic or apologizing at our arrival. There would be no scrambling to clear a path, or to find a clean white shirt and tie. They would have been up since 6:30 am, exercised, had a shower, eaten breakfast, and had personal study so that between 9:00 am - 3:00 pm on Friday, they would be planning the coming week. Inviting President Tye inside would not be a worry even if we had not called ahead to make an appointment. Showing respect for us and for the Savior, who's name is in bold letters on their name tag, should bring diligence in being obedient.

I have a few pictures of the apartments and missionaries we visited today. Next week I will add more. 
 Elder Tongi, Elder Espiritu, Elder Gonzaga, Elder Espinoza
Elder Hora, Elder Goldthorpe, Elder Anderson, Elder Seau
 Quickly grabbed shirt at President's arrival. Torn and falling apart. Not good.
 Sister Dulay, Sister Nkwocha, Sister Tritit, Sister Bulabon
 The Zone Leaders keeping track of the whole zone's progress
Elder Manlulu, Elder Dela Cruz, Elder Shimbashi, Elder Gaso
 White board used as part of the next weeks planning
Elder Seau takes the sponge and cleans the refrigerator inside and out.
Thank you Elder!
Look at those floors! Spotless and shiny apartment. Beautiful! 
 Elder Esmejarda, Elder Fiame, Elder Tumala, Elder Coffey
 Elder Johnston, Elder Calaunan, Elder Roberts, Elder Utai
Sister Sefeti, Sister Van Tassell, Sister Lizada, Sister Lasalosi
(Really fuzzy, but I know there is a mom out there who would rather see a blurry picture of her daughter than nothing at all.)

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  1. You are correct, a Dad loves to see a picture even if it is a little fuzzy.