Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Welcome Sign

Welcome to our newest missionaries!
 Today we were blessed with 9 Missionaries from Provo and 14 from Manila. This brings the current number of missionaries serving in the Philippines Cavite Mission to 188, this includes our 4 Senior Couples. We have 100 more missionaries today then we did when we arrived 9 months ago.
That equals out to: 
* a constant search for more apartments
* opening new areas
*splitting zones
*doubling the medical calls
*a very organized (and happy) Sr. couple in the mission office
* more awesome (and happy) Sr. couples who move furniture, set up apts., tend to repairs, bake cookies, and - well the list goes on and on.
* President and Sister Tye getting exhausted (but very happy)
And best of all-
*a whole bunch of wonderful Elders and Sisters to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a beautiful country.
 Elder Utai
Sister Ramil 
 Sister Abasanta
Sister Bulabon
 Sister Pedroso
 Sister Mayberry
 Elder Baynado
 Sister Van Tassell 
Sister Bergeson
(She has a beautiful first name!)
 Sister Lacsamana
Sister Ortile
 Sister Labarda
 Sister Dryer
Sister Eddington
 Elder Flores
Soster Atay 
 Elder Mariano
 Elder Puasan
Elder Ritter 
 Elder Rogers
Elder and Sister Richards
Saying goodbye to those they got close to at the MTC.
Heading out with their trainers to new areas and apts. 

Looking forward to six weeks from now when we will receive 22 more missionaries!

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  1. Thank you sister Tye. It is so fun to see our daughter, Sister Eddington in a picture with you and President Tye. I have loved reading older blog posts to see some of the things she can look forward to in the Cavite mission. We are so happy she is there!