Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Missionary Orientation

All 21 missionaries who just arrived from both the Manila and Provo MTC's, met at the Molino Chapel for orientation and lunch.
President is about to read the list of new companionship's.
Who will be paired as trainer and newly arrived missionary?
 Sister Lacsamana and Sister Arnson
Sister Calder and Sister Labarda 
Elder Johnston and Elder Utai 
 Sister Tiritit and Sister Bulabon
 Sister Van Tassell and Sister Lizada
 Sister Peters and Sister Ramil
 Sister Calunod and Sister Passey 
Sister Atai and Sister Seleue
 Elder To'o and Elder Flores
Elder Chua and Elder Rogers
Elder Puason and Elder Devinuwara 
Sister Eddington and Sister Koluse

 Sister Murphey and Sister Dryer
Elder Isip and Elder Ritter 
 Elder Holdaway and Elder Baynado
Sister Bergeson and Sister Folau 
 Sister Barrera and Sister Abasanta 
Sister Pedroso and Sister Manu 
Sister Ortile and Sister Vaitaki
Sister Mayberry and Sister Sevia 
 Elder Mariano and Elder Perkins
After lunch and waiting for group orientation to begin.

I love it when new missionaries arrive. The whole mission gets excited and everyone wants to see and meet the new batch. While we are involved in orientation, half of the mission (it seems like it) is gathered across the street at the mission office getting new phone assignments, picking up mail and supplies, trying to figure out where a new apartment is located, taking pictures, and we have luggage everywhere! The other half of our Cavite missionaries are either in a jeepney transferring to another area or out working because their companionship was not affected today. This is what transfer day is all about, and although we are exhausted by the end of the day, we really do love it because we know we have been a part of one of the many miracles of missionary work. That is - getting 188 elders and sisters moved, settled, and orientated within 9 hours.

That is pretty amazing when you realize that it would take me
F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get 4 Young Women to clean a 4'x6' bathroom at Girl's Camp.


  1. What an awesome looking bunch of missionaries. Thank you so much for all you do President and Sister Tye!

  2. I echo that. I can't tell you how much it means to see these pictures and hear about what is going on in the mission. Thank you, thank you, thank you.