Thursday, March 20, 2014

Superhero's And Senior Couples

Senior Couples Are Superheros!
Did you know that? Well, to be completely honest, I never realized how treasured a Senior Couple is until now.
The First Presidency, Twelve Apostles, and other church leaders are constantly asking for older, able members to serve missions -  and now I know how much they are needed. I have seen the miracles they preform first hand, and I am aware of how they can become the heart and success of every mission.
Right now we have four wonderful couples. They have some pretty amazing superhero powers too. A few of these are:

Mega Strength 
Ability to take heavy loads off of a President's shoulders.
Superhuman Endurance
Walking up and down stairs at least 40 times a day delivering furniture and checking out missionaries and their apartments.
Jedi Mind Tricks
The Jedi prefer non-violent solutions when possible. Mind tricks are used to convince missionaries that "you don't need a maid . . . you will show respect and clean this apartment - you will be joyful about it."
Super Speed
The act of getting everything accomplished on their daily list within the allotted time. Even in super slow Filipino traffic.
Knowing what the President needs and having it started or completed before being asked.
 Compassional Empowerment
The ability to love the missionaries at all times and with all their heart.

Another Superhero Couple Joins Our Ranks! 
Our newest Senior Couple are Elder and Sister Richards. They are currently from Logan Utah, but three years ago they moved to Utah from Maine. It is in Maine that they raised their family and lived for many years. They have 3 children and 8 grandchildren - but grandchild number 9 is on the way. Elder Richards served as a full time missionary in Sweden, and Sister Richards served as a health missionary in the Philippines. (Manila mission) 
We are very blessed to have the Richards with us in Cavite. They arrived with hearts full of love and enthusiasm for missionary work. I know we will see the Philippines Cavite Mission blessed by their Superhero Service during the next 18 months.

**If you would love to be blessed with these and other 
Superhero Traits,
go see your Bishop and start the process to become a Senior Couple. There are a lot of Mission Presidents who need your love, talents, and service.

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