Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Today we had 10 missionaries say goodbye and head for home. Before we let them go, we had a fun day of visiting, eating, bowling, and bearing testimonies. We usually do an Endowment session at the Manila Temple, but we went a few weeks earlier because we knew it would be closed today. 
I will let the pictures lead you through our day.
 Elder Woolf and Elder Teitiewa trying on their suit coats after 2 years. Their suit coat is hung in the Mission Home until the elder goes home.
 I love this picture of our two AP's. Elder Woolf is heading home and I know Elder Oakden will miss him. They have become great friends.
 Sister Villanueva, Elder Colcol, Elder Magistrado, Elder Teitiewa, and Elder Molina sign the Bow Tie quilt.
Sister Hamm and Sister Villanueva 
Random pic of the pretty bowling balls.
We wore them out playing one game.
 Elder Colcol adjusts his tie.
 Elder Domantay
The hanging of the ties is complete.
 Sister Hamm's parents came to pick her up. Such a cute mom!
 Lots of tears - lots of love!
Goodbye and Hold to the Rod!
Elder Teitiewa, Elder Colcol, Elder Iraola, Elder Magistrado, Elder Molina, Elder Woolf, Elder Domantay, Sister Finau, Sister Hamm, Sister Villanueva.

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  1. Bowling was a great idea to fill up the time. Looks like fun.