Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tying Ties At The Tye's

At the end of full-time missionary service, every departing missionary gives us a signed necktie. The ties are then tied onto the handrail in the Mission Home. Tying the ties to the handrail is a promise that each leaving missionary will continue to Hold To The Rod throughout their life.  A pledge that they will not let go of the peace and strength that comes from The Word Of God.  
In the beginning I planned on making a quilt with all the ties, but when I realized that three years of missionary neckties would total over 500, I decided that I needed to come up with another idea. Pinterest is my 'inspiration location' and I found a design there that I knew would work. By using the smaller end of the necktie it would be possible to make it beautiful and also be the perfect size for a wall hanging. So in March I designed a sample square and gave the sample plus all the ties to Blessie, the quilt lady. 
Here It Is!
(Sister Laws is helping me hold it up.)
The Cavite Mission Tie wall hanging is finished and it is gorgeous. The different colors of ties and how they are arranged is truly stunning. In the middle is an embroidered list of all our Elders, Sisters, and 
Senior Couples from 2013-2016.

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