Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our Last MLC

With mixed emotions we held our last Mission Leadership Council today. We now have a better understanding of the word Bittersweet!

MLC was just what we needed - it was perfect! Our theme for June is Faith To Baptize. The 5 hour meeting was centered on the theme and the missionaries assigned to teach were amazing. The Sister Training Leaders sang a song of appreciation to us, and we thought we heard angels singing with them. It was beautiful! Everyone was looking at us waiting for Sister Tye's cloud burst to hit, but I managed quite well and surprised almost everyone, including President Tye. 

The leaders of our mission have heavy loads. I am speaking about the Assistants, Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders. They are to be examples of EXACT missionary OBEDIENCE at all times. They have assigned areas to do missionary work just like all other full-time missionary companionships, but they also have to go on exchanges. Exchanges means that they split up and spend 24 hours with each elder or sister with whom they have stewardship over. So they "exchange" companions for a whole day, and depending on their assignment this can happen as many as 12 times per month. Our leaders also teach lessons at Zone Meetings and District Meetings. We are really amazed and in awe at their diligence and dedication to this work!

We will miss the Elders and Sisters. For three years, the missionaries have been a great BLESSING in our life. How lucky we are to have these memories and blessings forever!
 June 2016 MLC
 STL's sing "Because I Knew You"
"Extend Commitment Invitations"
 Taught by Elder Lagumbay and Elder Yocte 
 "Follow Up"
Taught by Sister King and Sister Livermore
 Around the table from back left:
 Elder Nulud, Elder Mataele, Elder Sandot, Elder Mancao (hidden), Elder Aguinaldo, Elder Reyes, Elder Golden, Elder Lagunda
Backs to the picture: Elder Alvarez, Elder Pascual
Sister Thomas and Sister Garcia
 Sister Garcia made breakfast for her companion a week ago and was burned by hot grease that splashed on her. After MLC her huge blister was accidentally bumped and it opened. It was a blessing though - she was taken to the ER and we found out that it was infected. After being medicated, cleaned, and wrapped up; both sisters were ready to get back to their apartment and allow the burn to heal. 

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