Sunday, June 19, 2016

President Tye Gets To Baptize

President Tye has been able to baptize seven new members of the church this month. Words can not express the joy this experience has brought to him as he assisted the seven in their first ordinance and covenant with God.
Elder Hingano and Elder Arsenal are the missionaries 
who taught Brother Alcazar.
Food was served after the baptism and enjoyed by
 Elder Woodbury, Elder Feliciano, and Elder Hingano
  This man speaks English very well and we had a nice little chat. 
Sister McBride and Sister Bricenio
 Sister Auava and Sister Balderama are the missionaries who taught Sister Bolivar and her children. Her husband has passed away. They are looking forward to being sealed as a family for time and all eternity in the Manila Temple. 
 Believe it or not - I just found someone with the same first name as mine. This is Danna - and I am Dana
Both pronounced the same. That's my tender mercy for today!
 Elder Lagunda, Elder Golden, Elder Balenaveikau, Elder Cahan
Sister Verances, Sister Swanson, Sister Balderama, Sister Auava
DBB1 Chapel
President Tye
Brother Abalos and Sister Valle
See how Sister Valle is looking at that program? She is reading her name under that part that says, "Those To Be Baptized." She told me before the meeting started that she was so excited to finally be baptized. I think this picture is priceless. She is so happy this day has arrived.
 Elder Pascual and Elder Alvarez are the
missionaries who taught Brother Abalos
Sister San Pascual and Sister Albasin are the missionaries who
taught Sister Valle. Sister Valle's husband is on the right.
Sister Manzano and Sister Barrameda are the missionaries who
taught Brother Pastor. His family are all members so this is a VERY exciting day. They are now a completed family. Astig!

Nothing better than this!

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