Monday, June 6, 2016

The Tadina Family

I have a marvelous story to share.

A few years ago President and Sister Tye were blessed to have Elder Tadina and Sister Fernando serve in the Cavite mission. Both were excellent missionaries, and served as leaders within the mission. Their hearts were locked and both were very obedient and faithful in their quest to be the "Lord's hands here upon the Earth."
(President Monson Oct. 2009) 
After their full-time service was over, they started to date each other. Dating led them to courtship, and eventually they were married in the Manila Temple. Now they have a beautiful little daughter. 

The Tadina family came to visit us this week. Because they BOTH served in our mission, and because the Philippines Cavite Mission is only three years old - President Tye and I consider their daughter
The First (Ever) Cavite Mission Grandchild

After missing our own grandchildren for three years, you can imagine how excited we were to see and hold their sweetheart. Thank you for coming to visit us - you are a cute ETERNAL FAMILY!
And famous too.


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