Thursday, August 7, 2014

August MLC

Our MLC numbers have increased again and we now have 32 missionaries as Mission Leaders. This group includes 20 Zone Leaders, 10 Sister Training Leaders, and the Assistants.
What a beautiful sight!
Our meeting today was 5 hours of sharing ideas and testimony. It is a chance to be taught by the Mission President and other leaders of the mission. I love, love, love these meetings! (we talked about "wo, wo, wo" today and so I thought "love, love, love" would fit nicely in this post!) As usual, everyone was fed spiritually and physically. Wonder why my pictures tend to lean more towards the "fed physically" part of the meeting? 

Enjoy the pictures of MLC!
 Salad made the day before.
 Lunch is served.
More food pictures - Dessert! 

During a lesson taught by Sister Jones and Sister Lizada, the missionaries tried to see who could make the tallest tower out of paper in only 2 minutes. Here are the results -


The theme for August is "I Will Be An Instrument In The Lord's Hands As I Endure To The End." We used Jenga wood blocks to create a domino effect and symbolize enduring to the end. Parallels are: 1) You have to start the process in your life. 2) Life will seem like it's going great, and then you face a trial or make a wrong decision which may bring about a fall. 3) Enduring requires getting up, repenting if necessary, and then continuing on the path. 4) You learn and become stronger from experience. (the right side did it by themselves first, then the whole group did it together - thus making the right side better the second time around.)
This is a picture taken right before Elder Tomas in the very back started the first block. Below is the video link if you want to it in see live action. You will have to cut and paste the info below to see the video on Google Docs.

If someone can explain to me how to attach the video - I would appreciate it.


  1. That looks like a fun time. Your yellow cake with chocolate frosting is making me miss you.