Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Orientation And The Welcome Sign

Ten new missionaries have been welcomed to Cavite Mission. This is the smallest batch we have received since the Philippine Cavite Mission was opened on July 1, 2013. During the past year, we have been receiving between 20-25 missionaries at a time, so this was a breeze! Once they arrived we spent five hours in orientation, training, and interviews.
I couldn't help but take a picture of the chairs set up at the Molino Chapel in preparation for the incoming missionaries and their trainers. Usually the room is filled with chairs, but today it looked so empty. Because the numbers were lower than usual, I decided to do all the cooking myself.
Good idea - hey, I was saving money. Not as expensive.
Bad idea - The prep baking was not the hard part, it was packing everything into the car to deliver to the church, unloading it, giving my talk in orientation, leaving the meeting to warm things up, plugging the rice maker in somewhere else because one breaker couldn't handle the load, serving, clean up, reloading the car, unloading at home, my feet and legs were wiped out, and washing all the utensils and dishes. 
Are you out of breath? Exactly! I now have a perfect knowledge that:
Catering Is Not For Wimps!

The following are pictures of our newest missionaries and orientation.
 D&C 4
Elder Davis

At The Welcome Sign
 Sister Ferrer
Elder Alvarez 
 Elder Sison
 Elder Manase
 Elder Reyes
Elder Samante 
Elder Yocte 
 Elder Lagundas
 Elder Velena
Elder Matangi

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