Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cavite Zone Meeting

President Tye and I visited the Cavite Zone for their monthly zone meeting. When they heard we were coming, the zone leaders asked the sisters to sing a song for us. I never would have known that this was a last minute add-on to the meeting. The sisters sounded so good, I thought they had been practicing for a few days.

The Senior Couples are visiting each zone to talk to the missionaries about germs. Today, Elder and Sister Rigby came to the Cavite zone meeting and taught us some very important information. At the start, Sister Rigby put glitter on her hand and without telling the missionaries, she started her demonstration by shaking hands with everyone. After the greeting, she asked us to look at our hands. Everyone had pieces of glitter stuck to their palm - demonstrating how easily and quickly germs can be spread. The Rigby's are loved by all the missionaries and we are lucky to have them.
And - they brought doughnuts for everyone!
The Rigby's
 Getting set up for a group picture.
Here is the Cavite Zone. Oops! President and I, plus the Rigby's did not get in the middle chairs in time. And the elder on the left hand side is a little blurry. I think he pushed the timer on his camera and then ran to stand with the group.   
Thank you Cavite for a perfect zone meeting!

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