Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Welcome To A New Batch

Welcome to our new arrivals! They are:
                            Elder Arsenal             Elder Morales
                            Sister Havili              Sister Pacquiao
                            Elder Pascual             Elder Rodrigo
                            Elder Aguinaldo          Elder Nulud
                            Elder Salem               Sister Dariagan
                            Elder Amora               Elder Padilla
                            Elder Lagumbay          Elder Gulatera
                            Sister Mendoza           Elder Llavore
                            Sister Domingo           Elder Mancao
                            Elder Capulac             Elder Sandot
                            Elder Castaneda         Elder Lagunda
                            Sister Baller               Elder Toledo
                                              Elder Bajan

The 25 new missionaries arrived during the typhoon which tells me that this batch will be a strong and fearless group of missionaries! They will always be known to us as "Glenda's Glory."

The following pictures are of their first 24 hours in Cavite.
 Dinner at the mission home

 Lunch with their trainers at Orientation
 At the Welcome Sign
 Ready for orientation
 The amazing caterer and her family. With lots of prayer and no electricity, they made a wonderful lunch for 65 people.
A very tired mission mom!


  1. Sister Tye,
    I hope you get this message. Can you give my mom a hug? (Sister Davis)She needs one today.

    Denette Steen

  2. Oh yes I will!!! And I send my love to all your family. I am so worried the same will happen to me. My mother is 91. I am holding on to faith that she holds on for 2 more years. It is near impossible to get out of here and come home, and takes weeks to go through the process.