Monday, July 7, 2014

Cavite Mission's First Birthday

On Monday July 7th, we brought the whole mission together for a one time birthday activity. All missionaries met at a centrally located LDS building where we spent a few hours playing games, watching a recap of the year in pictures, and then we finished it all off with ice cream and cake. 220 Strong - We Love The Philippines Cavite Mission.


Watching Pictures Of Our First Year As A Mission.

The Games
Keeping companions together we divided the mission in half, then each half was divided into four groups - designated by a colored strip of material. Four games were played on each half and rotated, eight games being played at once. The Senior Couples were the masterminds behind all the great games. I continue to be so thankful for couples who unselfishly give of their time to love and support the missionaries; plus take care of apartments and help the members. Missions could not function without them. The Church needs so many more - Cavite needs more! Come enjoy the blessings of serving as a Senior Couple. 
Sister Richards talks to Elder Rigby while Sister Davis says hello to Elder Atkinson in the background.
 Elder Richards explains his game.
Sister Richards demonstrates her game.
Sister Davis watching the missionaries play her game.
Elder Pugsley is in the blue shirt and cowboy hat. Both he and Sister Pugsley played dodge ball and had a tug of war.
Sister Sefeti spinning the ball.
Elder Richards leads a game on watering your plants. It was so clever!
 Relay on washing and hanging up cleaning cloths to dry.
 Typhoid Vaccinations
Forty-four of the missionaries that came from the Manila MTC did not get their Typhoid vaccine - there was a national shortage during the time they served there. The vaccines arrived a few weeks ago and we took this opportunity to get it taken care of. Although they were not very happy about this part of the birthday party, they were all good sports!
Elders and Sisters waiting in line. 
 We decided to give them cake and ice cream first because they were getting shots. Still seems like a rotten deal!!!

Cake And Ice Cream
Here is a picture of the cakes. Eleven to be exact. 

It was a wonderful celebration and the weather was perfect. The clouds and a little breeze made the outside games bearable. After the ice cream was finished we were ready to get them all into their proselyting clothes and back to work. Seeing old batch mates, taking pictures, laughing, and being together is always fun, but serving the Lord is their full time focus. 

We love our missionaries! They are the roots that will establish Cavite Mission for years to come.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the pictures and account of this fun day. Your blog is a tender mercy to us moms!