Thursday, October 22, 2015


The new batch beat us to the mission office today - arriving at 6:30am! When President and I walked in to the conference room at 7:30 - all 24 new elders and sisters were singing. What a joyful welcome.

The Welcome Sign
 Sister Ebdao
 Sister Codera
 Sister Albasin
 Sister Leon
 Sister Zimmerman
 Sister Fisher
 Sister Hall
 Elder Hansen
 Sister Aquino
 Elder Swasey
 Sister Naboya
 Sister Maravilla
 Sister Abrio
 Sister Diaz
Sister Table 
 Elder Layland
 Elder Camo
 Elder Masiasomua
 Elder Pyle
Elder Padua 
 Elder Lambson
 Elder Monares
 Elder Lim
Elder Leu

Welcome to the best mission with the best new missionaries in the world!

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