Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Extra Pictures

 I love this picture! This is the AP's van.
They put a picture of Christ on the dashboard, and I love the reflection it casts on the glass. It made me wonder what image I reflect to others. Do I reflect the image of the One who sacrificed His life so that mine could be eternal?
When a car approaches this van, they can see the original picture sitting on the dashboard - full of color and perfectly focused. But from this angle you see a REFLECTION of the original. No one is looking - they have all passed by. This is possible because the sun is in the perfect position and shines it's light on the picture reflecting the image to the window. So I have to wonder, do I continue to cast the image of the Savior when others have passed by me? Does my love for Him show even when I believe I am not being watched? 
 Can you find "TYE" written on the wall?
 Where else can you find a Nimbus 2000 for only $3.00 but in the Philippines. Bargain - I had to buy 3!
 Absolutely NO Counterflow! 
P2000. fine - and nobody is collecting? We counted at least 30 cars cross in front of this sign to drive on the wrong side of the street. Seems like a quick way to make a lot of money - enforce the fine.
I took this picture of EDSA at a "level green" on Waze. And it's 3:19 in the afternoon. This is the most beautiful thing I have seen today! 
 This is Danny. He watches over the mission office. He always runs and opens my door and carries President's bag when we arrive.
 This is Jimmy. He can fix anything! He is our repair specialist at the mission home. And yes, he is always happy and smiling!
Alone time and President is on the phone.
 The security guard at Burger King was showing the window washer how to hold and use a squeegee, but I thought it was funny and I snapped the picture. He looks like he is practicing his quick draw.
 President ran into a man that he confirmed 40 years ago. Br. Sarte. The instant the man saw him, he remembered. Wow - awesome!
Just keeping things in balance!
 A Sister Missionary's Shoes
Getting ready to feed some elders.

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