Saturday, October 17, 2015

Typhoon Koppu (Lando)

Looks like when free time comes, I have not been updating the blog. Sorry about that - this week we have transfers and I will really be behind in posts so expect some major blog work in the next week or two.
Typhoon Koppu is over Luzon at the moment. I have some pictures that I will post, but I want you to know that all missionaries are great and that Cavite mission is seeing only rain and some wind. Internet connection comes and goes so I wanted to post an update for you while we have a connection.
 This picture was taken on Friday from It shows the typhoon approaching Luzon. The black circles are showing areas that will be affected by the storm. The red line is where Koppu will hit land. It is hard to see where Cavite mission is on this map, but we are at the southern edge of the black circle.
This picture shows a second typhoon right behind Koppu but is saying it will turn north and miss Luzon.
This picture is a current picture - as of early Sunday morning.The blue/green dot is us. Like I said above, we are experiencing rain and some wind. Electricity is still up and internet connections are spotty.
As of right now, all missionaries will still email tomorrow. If that changes, I will post it here. Please pray for those north of us who are in the typhoon's direct path.


  1. Thank you so much! Elder Pyle should of arrived Friday! I hope everyone is safe and sound.

  2. Sister Zimmerman arrived on the same delayed flight out of Hong Kong. They were in the same district in the Provo MTC. I received an email from her Saturday, so I know they arrived at the Manila MTC safely. I'm sure they are all safe & well prepared at the MTC. Maybe Sister Zimmerman will tell them stories of Florida hurricane preparedness. ;)