Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Suit Coat Reunion

New guidelines state that Elders coming to the Philippines do not need to bring a suit coat. Even those arriving via the Provo MTC will not be required to wear one during their stay there. For the past 2 years,  we have been collecting all suit coats from incoming foreign elders and hanging them in one of the mission home closets. When these same elders go home they are excited to put on their suit coats again. We explain to them that they do not need to wear it as they travel home, and it can be packed in their suitcase. But so far they have all put on the suit coat and wear it as they meet their families at the airport. It's a part of who they are! We enjoy watching the elders put their suit coats on again after being without them for two years. 

This is the July Batch feeling "dapper" as suit coat is reunited with suit pants.
This is blurry, but you can see their excitement.
 Two years of selfless service is easy to see in the shoes of a missionary.This shoe belongs to Elder Jenkins, who jumped the highest in the above picture. 

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