Friday, July 31, 2015

End Of July

Just a few pictures that missed being posted during the month.

 Elders' Jenkins, Lasley, and Creager heading home
 Sister Lacsamana, Elder Prospero, and Elder Calaunan
 Elder Leapepetele and Elder Golden in the foreground
 Elders' Orbillo, Parcon, and Turituri
Elder Mangaoang and Elder Seeley
Elders' Lagudas, Mancao,  Arsenal, Lilly and Erickson 
 Elder Manabot, Elder Castaneda, Sister Domingo, Sister Cano
Elders' Aguilon, Lorenzo, Calpito, Del Rosairo, and Prospero 
Elder Jackson, Elder Matangi, and Elder Flitton 
 Sisters' Ma'asi, Balena, Brown, and Gecaraya
The Changing of Assistants
Elder Santillan, Elder Collins (going home), Elder Haufano
 Sister Maromi and Sister Dacalcap
 Elder Lye, Elder Pedong, Sister Bodota, Sister Livermore, Elder Cahan
Elders' Hansen, Haufano, Gaspar, Peligro, Flitton

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