Sunday, July 5, 2015

Flu Shots!

Missionary Medical arranged for all missionaries in the Philippines to receive the flu vaccine during the month of July and August. This is a great blessing - but also a huge project! We needed to get all missionaries together to receive the vaccine. Since we are one of the smallest missions in the Philippines, (small in geographical area), it was easy to get everyone together. Bringing all Cavite elders and sisters in to a central location did not include long distance travel. So, on Friday July 3rd, everyone met at the Bacoor stake building for a "Coke and a Poke" - flu shots, cake, soda, and a movie.
In order for this to go smoothly, we divided everyone into two groups. Group 1 watched "Meet The Mormon's" and then had a flu shot. Group 2 - went the opposite direction - they received the vaccine and then watched the movie. It took about 2 hours for a group of 90 missionaries to receive the vaccine, so the movie was a perfect way for the other group of 90 missionaries to wait their turn. It may sound confusing but it all worked out perfectly!
Half of the mission ready for the vaccine.
Last minute instructions . . . and let's start the "pokes."
I should have told some jokes to go with the pokes!
 Elder Ritter
"If you chance to meet a frown, do not let it stay . . ."
 Elder Corpuz
". . . quickly turn it upside down, and smile that frown away!"
 Elder Collins, Elder Leaupepetele and Elder Christensen survived.
Elders' Calpito, Puasan, Lagunda, Sandot, and Yocte 
No tears here for Elder Haufano.
Sister Ortile and Sister Ramil
Cherry Cheesecake for Cavite's 2nd Birthday
 Elders' Baniago, Lilly, Paloma, Domingo, and Dennison
 Elder To'o
Everyone out the door and back to work!

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  1. Such a clever and fun way to get everyone vaccinated. You are doing such a fabulous job!